Steer Your IT Projects Towards Success

through the management of your internal teams and external providers

In SMEs, IT projects hold undeniable strategic importance, but also come with significant risks.

If not managed carefully, these projects can quickly become sources of complexity and uncertainty.

Financial stakes, time pressures, technical challenges, and resource coordination can lead to major pitfalls, jeopardizing the operational efficiency and profitability of the business.

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Examples of Project Management Services

We support our clients in managing strategic projects, ranging from infrastructure projects to business application projects. For example, we are assisting a Fribourg-based company in managing several strategic IT projects (migration from Skype to Teams, Exchange to cloud migration, implementation of document management in SharePoint Online integrated with ERP Dynamics 365, etc.)

Benefits of Outsourced Project Management

Engaging an external provider for this type of mission is often seen as an additional expense, but here you will find the benefits of this approach and the added value for your company.

Our services provide you with in-depth expertise in managing IT projects, combining technical skills and strategic vision to ensure the project’s success

A project manager establishes a clear structure for the project, creating detailed plans, milestones, and well-defined stages, which facilitates organization and efficient resource management.

The project manager plays a central role in communication between internal and external stakeholders, ensuring mutual understanding and smooth collaboration.

Project managers bring with them a knowledge of industry best practices, ensuring a robust and proven approach to project management.

Through meticulous management, the project manager ensures that the project meets its goals while generating added value for the company.

Your Key Contacts

With 20 years of experience in the field of IT, including a decade in IT Systems Management roles, you benefit from a comprehensive 360-degree perspective that addresses all your IT-related challenges. Lunova also has numerous partners to address specific technological themes (Cybersecurity, Networks, Databases, ERP, Business Intelligence, etc.), providing the most relevant expertise for your business.

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