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The departure of an IT manager is always a stressful period for business leaders. Indeed, their knowledge of your information systems and their history vanishes within weeks, and recruiting a replacement can take several months. During this period, it is crucial that your business operates correctly and that your employees have fully functional IT tools to provide the best quality service to your clients. Our interim management services are designed to reassure and secure this transition period, allowing you to continue developing your business.

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We rely on ITIL certification, which encompasses all the best practices in information systems management, to provide you with the maximum benefits during this period of transitional management.

The benefits of our approach

Our interim management services are tailored to the specificities of your company so that you can enjoy numerous advantages.

We bring you a decade of experience in managing European Information Systems for international groups, offering a hands-on approach to managing your IT. All your software and hardware issues will be addressed by a single person with a comprehensive view of your information system. Your teams will benefit from a contact who speaks the same language and will quickly grasp the specifics of your company.

We place employees at the heart of the transition project by involving them in ongoing projects and valuing their knowledge of your information system. Creating a positive relationship with your teams is a key success factor during this transition period and will help retain talent during this time of uncertainty. We rely on over fifteen years of managing teams of all sizes (from 5 to 50 people) to quickly establish a trusting relationship with your employees, enabling us to collectively face the many challenges awaiting your business.

Collaboration with company leaders is another key success factor. We work with you to fully understand your business challenges and the specific issues of each of your departments in order to prioritize the IT projects to be addressed. We also provide you with a clear view of the IT and digital stakes by simplifying technical issues and involving you in the decision-making process that impacts your company.

Our experience with hundreds of transformation projects over the years enables us to offer a fresh perspective on your information systems and suggest ways to modernize them and meet the challenges of digital transformation. These proposals will be based on the business challenges you wish to address for your company, aiming to provide maximum added value for your employees and clients.

Your contacts

With 20 years of experience in the IT field, including a decade in Information Systems Management roles, you gain a 360-degree perspective that addresses all your IT-related challenges. Lunova also has numerous partners for specific technological themes (Cybersecurity, Networks, Databases, ERP, Business Intelligence, etc.), ensuring the most relevant expertise for your business.

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