Our industrial expertise

With a decade of experience in the industry, we take pride in leveraging our expertise, particularly as the IT directors for the world’s second-largest writing instrument company. This experience enables us to intimately understand the multiple challenges inherent in industrial sectors.

We cover a full spectrum of knowledge in your field, from raw material management to the distribution of finished products, including planning, scheduling, storage, and transportation. We are aware of the unique challenges your business faces, and our mission is to support you in optimizing your operations, reducing costs, and enhancing your competitiveness through strategic use of technology.

We do more than just understand the challenges of the industrial sector; we rise to meet them with you, fostering your growth and success.

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Our Testimonials

As Cyril's manager during his tenure as the Director of Information Systems, I appreciated his ability to manage key projects for the company. His ERP expertise and skills acquired in technical areas (servers, security, hardware) enabled him to become a value-added manager for Pilot Corporation. His interpersonal skills also brought about team adherence to cross-functional projects... This allows him to provide Lunova's clients today with a comprehensive view of IT needs, both from the Software Tools and Infra/Protection perspectives, including data hosting.
Patrick Forveille
Managing Director Pilot Pen France
As the CEO of Les 2 Marmottes, I had the opportunity to work directly with Cyril during an audit of our information system and the development of our IT master plan. At that time, Cyril was employed by another company, but I appreciated his ability to synthesize our challenges and his interaction skills with my teams. He is an ideal sparring partner for companies looking to strengthen their information systems or reduce risks.
Christian Polge
Ex CEO les 2 marmottes

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